What is Invision ?

Invision Power Board (or IP.Board) is among the best forum solutions for your community. Creating a forum with Invision Power Board, will assure you have a performing and complete forum.

Invision has a large community that keeps up with latest technological updates, and offers innovative functionalities for your forums.

Just try to create your forum with Invision, you can discover 100+ options to customize your forum, thanks to our active community that have submitted thousands of skins to apply to your forums.

Invision is one of the most popular forum scripts worldwide, millions of people use it to create a forum and manage their community.

Forumotion.com : create your turnkey free forum !

We offer you a turnkey solution to create a forum. Discussions forums are precious information and mutual assistances sources. They are also friendly sharing spaces.

Our solution offers you the possibility to create a forum and be the master of your own communication tool, your own community. You define your own rules, you communicate with people coming from all around the world. Frontiers don't exist on Internet, take profit of this interactive tool and of our reliable and performant free forum system for a single experiment on the web.

Create a forum in 3 steps, in 30 seconds !

No need having skills in computing, you just need to follow those 3 steps to create a forum :

  1. The first step consists in choosing the graphic appearance (images and colors) of your forum.
  2. In the second you will need to fill up a small form, in which you will choose elements such as your forum title, address, or even your administration password.
  3. The third and last step asks you to confirm the selected password.

After creating you forum, connect yourself (connection) to access the administration panel situed at the bottom of your forum. Configure and personalize it as you wish. Don't hesitate testing the functionalities until you obtain the desired result.

Talk about your forum !

To take a good start with your forum, it's important for your colleagues, friends, and family to particpate. Invite them to discover your forum and to participate by posting messages.

Student, high-school pupil, private individual, professional, blogger, webmaster, association or a company, everyone can create a free a forum. Without regarding your various levels of competences and your various objectives, seize the opportunity of joining your virtual community around your discussions subjects, your passions. Creating a forum in three small steps and in a few seconds is possible thanks to our site.

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